Alone With The Moon: Selected Writings of Musa McKim
Musa McKim    

ISBN: 0-935724-67-2

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Musa McKim's writing is charged with the hum and bustle of the world outside. She's both naive naturalist-witness and sophisticated urbanite. Outside and alone, true poet and "lunatic" baying at the moon, but also in the thick of "it"--the charms and ironies of creation and civilization. She's captivated by the subtle mysteries of language, and the resilience of human emotion and experience that language creates and also bends to. In plays, poems, stories, vignettes, and meditations, she experiments with the possibilites of each form. McKim has Emily Dickinson's quirky intimacy as she builds her "fence of vanilla" and has a party for moths, hornets, spiders and "angels/With their beautiful villas" waving "their horns/At the Confitures d'Orange." I love her love of things, her uncanny observations of the way things are: "The most confortable shoe in the world/is worn by the most uncomfortable woman."

--Anne Waldman

There was an air of fragility and culnerability about Musa McKim that made her friends want to be fprotective of her. She did not disclose with what fierce and undeceived attentiveness she watched, from day to day, the human comedy, faithfully recording her bittersweet perceptions. Now with the posthumous publication of Alone With the Moon, she has given us her slant, quirky, and quizzical letter to the world.

--Stanley Kunitz

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