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Author(s) Title
Michael Anderson & Melanie Neilson Tripled Sixes/Prop and Guide
Bruce Andrews Tizzy Boost
Tim Atkins Twenty-five Sonnets
David Benedetti Nictitating Membrane
Steve Benson Blue Book
Alan Bernheimer Billionesque
Alan Bernheimer Café Isotope
Joe Brainard & Kenward Elmslie The Champ
John Brandi Diary from a Journey to the Middle of the World
Summer Brenner From the Heart to the Center
Summer Brenner The Soft Room
Miles Champion Facture
Laura Chester My Pleasure
Laura Chester Sparks
Laura Chester Watermark
Tom Clark Baseball
Tom Clark White Thought
Jack Collom & Lyn Hejinian Sunflower
Clark Coolidge At Egypt
Clark Coolidge Odes of Roba
Clark Coolidge On the Nameways (volume one)
Clark Coolidge On the Nameways (volume two)
Clark Coolidge & Ron Padgett Supernatural Overtones
Clark Coolidge The Book of During
William Corbett Remembrances
William Corbett & Geoffrey Young (eds) That Various Field for James Schuyler
Michael Davidson Analogy of the Ion
Tim Davis Dailies
Christopher Dewdney Concordat Proviso Ascendant
Johanna Drucker Italy
Kenward Elmslie & Joe Brainard The Champ
Elaine Equi Friendship With Things
Norman Fischer On Whether or Not to Believe in Your Mind
Michael Friedman & Duncan Hannah Arts and Letters
Michael Friedman Species
Gloria Frym Back to Forth
Merrill Gilfillan River Through Rivertown
Michael Gizzi Interferon
Michael Gizzi Just Like A Real Italian Kid
Michael Gizzi My Terza Rima
Michael Gizzi No Both (with Hard Press)
Michael Gizzi & Geoffrey Young Rejection
Michael Gizzi Too Much Johnson
John Godfrey Midnight On Your Left
John Godfrey Push the Mule
Kenneth Goldsmith Day
Kenneth Goldsmith Head Citations
Kenneth Goldsmith No. 111, 2.7.93--10.20.96
Michael Gottlieb New York
Duncan Hannah & Michael Friedman Arts and Letters
Robert Harris She Who Is Alive
Lyn Hejinian Oxota: A Short Russian Novel
Lyn Hejinian & Jack Collom Sunflower
Paul Hoover Idea
Tony Lopez Devolution
Tony Lopez False Memory
Bill Luoma My Trip to New York City
Bill Luoma Swoon Rocket
Bill Luoma Works & Days (with Hard Press)
Gillian McCain Religion
Gillian McCain Tilt (with Hard Press)
Musa McKim Alone With The Moon
Drew Milne Mars Disarmed
Roger Mitchell Braid
Roger Mitchell Savage Baggage
Melanie Neilson & Michael Anderson Prop and Guide/Tripled Sixes
Ron Padgett Albanian Diary
Ron Padgett & Clark Coolidge Supernatural Overtones
Ron Padgett Ted
Ron Padgett The Big Something
Bob Perelman Captive Audience
Michael Price Doombook
J. H. Prynne Furtherance
Stephen Ratcliffe Present Tense
Kit Robinson Covers
Kit Robinson Down and Back
Stephen Rodefer Emergency Measures
Stephen Rodefer Mon Canard
Mark Salerno Method
Jerry Saltz Seeing Out Loud
Peter Schjeldahl Columns and Catalogues
Peter Schjeldahl The 7 Days Art Columns
Mark Terrill Bread & Fish
Julia Vose Moved Out on the Inside
Guy Williams Selected Works, 1976-1982, essay by Gus Blaisdell
Terence Winch The Drift of Things
Geoffrey Young Admiral Fever
Geoffrey Young Fickle Sonnets
Geoffrey Young Lights Out
Geoffrey Young Pockets of Wheat
Geoffrey Young & Michael Gizzi Rejection
Geoffrey Young Rocks and Deals
Geoffrey Young Subject to Fits
Geoffrey Young & William Corbett That Various Field for James Schuyler

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