Captive Audience    
Ron Padgett    

ISBN: 0-935724-36-2

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Bob Perelman is probably the best satirist now writing poetry in America. Captive Audience is a pleasure of the intelligence.

--Jerome McGann

This poem tells the story of a culture whose story is over, where events almost influence each other, then don't. Perelman shivers the timbers of the white man's America.

--Fanny Howe

Bob Perelman's writing covers a lot of (image) territory as fast as a speeding missile--which may (almost) be fast enough. His new book, Captive Audience, finds us glued to our seats, laughing at death and the devil again.

--Rae Armantrout

Captive Audience is a determined success. It shows where, during one summer of media love, Perelman's appetite for indecency leads us--to a carnal knowledge of the world, where history resonates between the Alamo and the Aeneid, and from Cary Grant to Nicaragua.

--Andrew Ross

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