Concordat Proviso Ascendant
Christopher Dewdney

ISBN: 0-935724-42-7

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Concordat Proviso Ascendant is part of a longer work called A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario, which is compendium of particulars written from the inside of its subject. These particulars inventory a personal, regional identity directly informed by natural history. Many of the creatures, locales and weather conditions in this poem have their correlates around the globe, particularly in tropical regions.

Because A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario is a ritual text each book has to be preceeded by the firsthand account of someone who has been inside a tornado. This is a primal, sacred experience of nature's most extreme and random violence. However, it is a cruelty without malice derived from an impartiality at the heart of nature, and the universe for that matter. Ultimately our cosmos functions as an inhuman, yet intimate, phenomenology to which we impute deistic attributes because we cannot conceive of anything so subtle and complex operating without consciousness as we know it.


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