Tim Davis

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The poems in DAILIES, Tim Davis' first big collection, were selected from work generated over a two year period (1997-98), during which the poet wrote a poem a day. Taking hits from a thousand points of cinematic light -- among other influences sonic and scriptual -- Davis treads the slippery-brilliant New York boards with deadpan urban finesse. There is still hope for poetry in an age which sems only to care about economics. This hope is Tim Davis' DAILIES. Here work is put into its proper place: to service poetry's lunacy. This is the pleasure, the freedom, and thus, the importance of this book -- Juliana Spahr.

I read this book before coffee and it made me laugh out loud a lot and later giggle silently walking through town as fragments, some of which seemed translated from an as-yet-uninvented Balkan language, resurfaced. With Davis, happily the rushes ARE the movies; the frames of reference and tone a delight.
--Tom Raworth

Dailies is bright, teasing, and with enough sass to light up the Brooklyn Bridge and large parts of the Palisades of our outmoded lives. Poetry is useful: "eye ear nose and hop." Yet its rituals will prove delirious. All the trains have long since left the station but there's one that's circling back for a final call. All aboard!
--Charles Bernstein


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