Michael Price

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For this extraordinary young poet--to my mind one of the most arresting and promising voices of his emerging generation--the weight of the past is a burden that alternately puzzles, crushes and redeems. Coming to terms with genealogical and sociological facts of origins, and annotating these with a remarkable kindness and candor, Michael Price, in his autobiographical sonnet sequence Doombook, creates a poetic fictional world where the generations of his family are permitted to take place in an atmosphere of filial respect and tender forgiveness, but also of hard-eyed acknowledgement and recognition.

On these raw plains of an American patriarchy whose complex privledges and implications the poems interrogate with surprising poise, Doombook inscribes an emblematic moral landscape whose interior distance provides essential cultural critique. Tonally advanced beyond his years, Price manages to reap the benefits of a writerly processural tension without lapsing into mannerism or self-consciousness. These are coming-to-manhood poems equipped with unexpected maturity: adriotly deploying a wry self-depreciating humor, an engaging openness and a delicate impulse to play, Michael Price seems able, like some dweller in parallel dimensions, at once to go through and to see through the conundrums, pains and momentary illuminations of passage to adulthood in the American millennium.

--Tom Clark

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