The Drift of Things
Terence Winch    

Paperback, 2001
ISBN: 1-930589-12-3

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"In this technically impressive collection, the poems offer a witty, intrepid, unsentimental response to pleasures of the flesh as well as to pain and soreness of spirit, extracting their subjects from the drift of things. A clear-eyed and authentic chronicler of his Irish-American tribe, Winch has a beautifully tuned ear, whether working in formal mode or in supple lines of free verse. In all their zany plainspoken ways, these poems sing."

-- Eamon Grennan.

"I wish I lived in the world Terence Winch inhabits. Something invisible and mythical ennobles every object he encounters. His poems are full of a carefree confidence that comes from being so good at what you do that you don't think twice about mixing elegies, villanelles, jokes, traditional rhymes, and a story about a one-eyed guy named Max."

-- Matthew Rohrer

'If there were a DC school of poetry, Terence Winch would be its Frank O'Hara. The music, humor, flat-out declarative, highly nuanced formal tone of TW--too full of love to be ironic--is propelled in light/dark metacognitive play by an urgent desire of the mind. Winch writes, 'Our inconceivable appointment with happiness is funny, not stupid./ It made the ancients famous and gave you perfect pitch./ It has given the nihilists nothing to worry about' ('The Fun Was Intense'). Fun, intense, and more than anyone--but Terence Winch--can say.'

--Joan Retallack

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