Mark Salerno    

ISBN: 1-930589-11-5

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"If these pieces/ glimpses/ points in review could be molded into popular songs (happily they resist) I'd buy every CD. Method is a spoken nightscape, a starry, commiserating agent between Bronk and Creeley, a dry-eyed testimonial of ambivalent standing between our incurable existential awareness and bottomless communal longing. Salerno puts a clearheaded list of key words in circulation and returns to us a plenary of mostly single-sentence poems, a cavalcade of impeccably broken lines, not forgetting the invisible crack in everything. What little caviling goes on is directed at the poet acaviling. He is, in all modesty and honesty, 'just doing his job'-insuring that what we really think, and what we actually say, is a tight fit."

--C.D. Wright

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