Mon Canard
Stephen Rodefer    

ISBN: 1-930589-03-4

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If the word Rodefer doesn't derive from the Low Dutch Classicist in the Rathskellar, perhaps it oughta. MON CANARD is typically ducky and elaborately free of flotation devices - a split atom of Ashberium with fey and heady valence squirrelling in jumpy and Catullan arcs.

-- Tim Davis

Stephen Rodefer and his writing are, as we say in French, a force of nature - Pierre Alferi. Phoneme sex, indeed . . . give me a break Rodefer, this book makes me jealous.

-- Jennifer Moxley

What makes this work co captivating is Rodefer's ability to orchestrate the most eclectic range of tones and discourses . . . A major poet.

-- Maud Ellman

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