My Terza Rima    
Michael Gizzi    

Paperback, 2001
ISBN: 1-930589-10-7

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Michael Gizzi received his BA and MFA from Brown University where he studied with Keith Waldrop. In 1982 he moved to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. He has collaborated with Clark Collidge, Celia Coolidge, John Yau, and Bernadette Mayer who says of his work, "Troubadour-trickster Gizzi is a poetry trouble maker and he's fortunate to have two golden z's in his name. Interlocking Gizzi is relentlessly learned about the American idiom and it's delphic and unobscurely elfin to perceive everything the way we think he does."

--Bernadette Mayer.

My Terza Rima brings together three serial poems of acoustically concatenating spontaneous mind sampling. Reading Michael Gizzi makes me nearly dizzy--but I don't lose my balance, I find it.

--Charles Bernstein

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