On Whether or Not to Believe in Your Mind    
Norman Fischer

ISBN: 0-935724-26-5

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I have often experienced the fact that no matter how difficult or how wonderful things get there is always some expression that is made. The world goes on carelessly unfolding. For me this expression takes the temporary form I call writing, and it seems to possess a redemptive quality, a purifying property, which brings me back, cheers me up, time after time. One way or another, there is nothing quite like it. Nor is there anything else but it.

I think this need or ability to express or envision is a gift, perhaps the gift, of being human.

I often contemplate this and wonder exactly it is, and the further I contemplate the less I know about it, and the less I know the less I can impose my own opinions, my own very limited views and experiences, on the work at hand, or on the life at hand, which may be the work.

Probably neither a work of prose nor of poetry, and probably not a collection of various pieces, this book seems to be groping forward in an organized way toward a particular though possibly unidentified theme. In any case, I hope I share with the reader an intention to explore it, to make some sense of it, to shed light on its usefulness.

Let me know, if you have a chance, what happens.

I wish you, as profoundly as I can, well.

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