The Champ    
Joe Brainard & Kenward Elmslie

ISBN: 0-935724-66-4

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The Champ (originally published in 1968) is back for a new generation of readers who will swim with delight in the Elmslie ocean. The Champ explores the mysteries of dailiness in all its beauty ("He wept wetting the apple") and terror ("A black curtain removed the hair of the champ/pretending to be the wind"). And the mysteries are never revealed but amplified by Joe Brainard's lucid flowers, chimps, pendants, cigarettes, boys, toys, and tangled weeds--the perfect one-handed accompaniment to Kenward Elmslie's opaquely glowing language. But beware! The Champ--a collaborative classic of alternative letters--still doesn't behave. It's alive and exuberant. Savor it!

--Maxine Chernoff

A lexical romp with an illustrative counterpoint--"an annex of joys and compact tours"--The Champ is several long poems, no matter how you reread it. As ever, Kenward Elmslie's mucho mouthfuls make music meaningful! A dynamic poem of enduring artfulness. Joe Brainard's drawings are giddy and disarming, presenting a world in which "magnificent silhouettes await you." Their collaborative champ is a skinny young man with glasses; shy, beautiful and articulate.

--Peter Gizzi

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