Works & Days    
Bill Luoma    

The Figures/Hard Press
ISBN: 1-889097-28-4

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Bill Luoma writes like an anchorman, not so much an "insider" as a glider on the minimalist way of expressing being alive in groups with a purpose (the team). Once the purpose has been established, a tighter focus begins to take over, the love of women, or narrating Douglas, Bill's friend. Not since Bob Gluck and Bruce Boone's camraderie in the 70s have there been such a literary buddy's movie as this. It's sketchy, and knowing and gleeful. Not since Thoreau has someone I know suggested that everything counts and then gone to work, wherever.

--Eileen Myles

Spaces between sentences: interesting. Spaces within sentences: interesting. The sentences being both literally true and constantly verbally inventive. And being about what you might call gossip, i.e. real life (and also certain sports: baseball and poetry) Works & Days is, well, astonishingly readable. And isn't to be readable poetry's best possibility?

--Alice Notley

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